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Building Fund

Designing the Future!

Many buildings on the Fairgrounds are old, and need replacement. New barns are in the works!  The Isaak Walton has been replaced, with a new barn standing in its place.  Additional buildings will need to be replaced in the next three years and we need your help to build barns that have:

  • Flexible space for housing different species as needs change
  • A simple, and affordable design
  • Adequate space for exhibitors, their equipment and supplies
  • Safe space for animals and humans

Timeline for New Buildings

Summer 2023

  • Building 1 Complete
  • Estimated $235,500


  • Building 2 Complete
  • Estimated $319,500


  • Building 3 Complete
  • Estimated $322,000


  • Building 4 Complete
  • Estimated $289,000
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