Free Entertainment

2023 Free Entertainment Schedule

Tuesday, August 8th

Entry Day Which means all the Animals come to the Fair. They Finish out the day with the poultry Show. And a Lawn Mower & Power Wheels Demo Derby. And the day wraps up with a Free concert in the Beer Garden, Johnny Holm Band – 40th Anniversary! 

Wednesday, August 9th

Day Care Day at the Goodhue County Fair which means that groups of children will experience the Goodhue County Fair with their daycare groups. To engage these groups of children, the Goodhue County Historical Society will offer fun games and activities at the school house. Throughout the day we will offer activities and coloring sheets

Thursday, August 10th

Goodhue County Ag Day which means that Ag Marketing & Goodhue Co Commissioners have meetings on the grounds. Antique Tractor Display.

Friday, August 11th

Senior Citizen Day 65+ Get Free Gate Admission Open

• The Outstanding Senior Award is given. 

Saturday, August 12th

Final Fun Day. Day of Fun. 4-H Livestock auction, Final shows, and the action-packed Demo to finish off the final night of the fair with the Dads playing in the evening.

Professor Newton

Chester Mouse Fun House is a ventriloquist variety show.

Show times:
Tuesday, August 8th 6pm
Wednesday, August 9th 10:30am • 2:30pm • 6pm
Thursday, August 10th Noon • 3pm • 6pm
Friday, August 11th Noon • 3pm • 6pm
Saturday, August 12th Noon • 3pm • 6pm 

Kidz Science Safari

Show times:
Tuesday, August 8th 3pm – 7pm
Wednesday, August 9th 10:30am-7pm
Thursday, August 10th 10:30am – 7pm
Friday, August 11th 10:30am – 8pm
Saturday, August 12th 10:30am – 8pm 

Dangerous Feats of Comedy

Dangerous Feats of Comedy will entertain with his juggling and fire-breathing skills!

Show times:
Tuesday, August 8th 6pm
Wednesday, August 9th Noon • 5pm
Thursday, August 10th 2pm • 6:30pm
Friday, August 11th 1pm • 4pm • 7pm
Saturday, August 12th 1pm • 4pm • 7pm 

Lew-e's Comedy Circus

Lew-E’s Comedy Circus is a fully self contained production!

Show times:
Tuesday, August 8th 7pm
Wednesday, August 9th 1pm • 7pm
Thursday, August 10th 1pm • 7pm
Friday, August 11th 2pm • 5pm • 8pm
Saturday, August 12th 2pm • 5pm • 8pm 

Exhibit Buildings

• 4-H Building open
10am – 9pm Tuesday – Saturday

• Commercial buildings
6pm – 9pm Tuesday
12:30pm – 9pm Wednesday – Saturday

• Open Class Exhibit buildings
6pm – 9pm Tuesday
10am – 9pm Wednesday – Saturday 

Beer Garden

• Open Tues-Sat with FREE jukebox and bands Tuesday-Saturday

• Serving ice-cold beer and rail drinks! Tues-Saturday 

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