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Open Class Competitions

Key Dates:

Quilts entries will only be accepted on Sunday, August 4th from 2-5 pm.

  • Fine Arts, Crafts, and Needle Arts entries will be accepted on Sunday, August 4th from 2-5 pm and Monday, August 5th from noon-7 pm.
  • Culinary, Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, Woodworking, Collections, and Hobbies entries will be only accepted on Monday, August 5th from noon-7 pm.
  • All open class exhibits will be released on Sunday, August 11th from 11 am-1 pm.


Pre-registration of exhibits is available and appreciated! forms can be found by clicking the links above and can be mailed or emailed. In order to get them processed on time, the cut-off date for pre-entries is August 1st.

In-person registration

If you do not pre-enter, bring your item(s) to the fair on entry day, Monday, August 5th. Here are a few tips to speed up the entering process:

  • Provide an address label to attach to the entry forms for each division. This will ensure correct spelling on your premium check and an address if we need to mail the check to you.
  • Provide a label with your name and hometown for the exhibit tag that will be placed with your entry.
  • Be prepared with the class and lot numbers for each item that you are entering.

Entry fee

$1 per person – enter all of the items you want for one small fee!


  • Open class competitive exhibits at the Goodhue County Fair are judged according to the American awards system. Items in a lot are judge against each other and every lot may receive only one blue (1st), one red (2nd) and one white (3rd).
  • Each division may handle awarding Champion and Reserve Champion differently, but generally one Champion and Reserve Champion are rewarded in each class or age division. 
  • Best of Show is chosen from all Champions in the division. Award of Merits & Honorable Mentions may be awarded to blue ribbon winners that were considered for champion. Again, each division and judge may handle and define these special awards differently.
  • Judges have the final say for all awards presented.

Senior Volunteer Award

Help us recognize a senior (70 years of age by June 1, 2024) resident of Goodhue County, Minnesota for their outstanding volunteer efforts and commitment to their local community. Download the application below. Entries are due on July 21, 2024
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